Three Years of Country Living


Nearly three years have passed since I decided to leave our nation’s capital and take up permanent residence in the countryside, in areas far removed from the “security” of civilization.

Having been born and raised in the capital city, to most my decision seemed crazy and to others it seemed ill advised and or impulsive.

For me however it was a decision guided by my soul, the result of my willingness to live outside the comfort zone of many.  It was an expression of my freedom to “be myself”, to pursue my own wants rather than what others wanted for me.

I’m rather accustomed to my actions evoking reactions from others.  It isn’t a matter of whether they “like” or “approve” of those actions, that is a superficial explanation at best.  On a deeper, subconscious level my actions caused them to face their own fears and insecurities.

That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t facing fears and doubts of my own, but I embraced those fears and carried on, telling myself: “go ahead and you will see on the way…”.  My fear wasn’t of failure; it was of not having made the effort, not having had the courage to venture from the most travelled path.  As a result I had the duty to support myself, working internally on those doubts and defending myself in the face of others’ opinions of my actions and choices.

As throughout all of my life, these past three years everything around me offered valuable lessons because that is how I’ve always chosen to view life.  The emotions I felt, the thoughts I had, the people I met, the homes I lived in, the environment surrounding me, everything that fell within my perception whether an animal or a piece of furniture, became my “teacher”.

I learned from everything…


By being “present” in my own life, in other words conscious of what I was doing and why, of what I was feeling and why, of what I was thinking and why, of what I was experiencing and why…

Three years later, having lived the results of my decisions and efforts, I feel yet again oh so blessed, and continue to follow my soul’s bidding!

Amalia Eirini Tzimopoulou (Melina) is the author of “Beauty” a practical guide to self-understanding and improvement, and “A Droplet’s Journey: a true faerie tale”, her own journey of self-discovery in story form.  Both books will soon be available electronically.


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